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A House In The Rift v0.4.3 Public

Posted January 20, 2022

A House In The Rift APK v0.4.3 Android Port Adult Game Download

A House In The Rift APK Android Port Visual Novel Erotic Mobile Game Download - A House In The Rift Android Port Adult Mobile Game Download FREE

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You were chilling in the park on one of those lazy summer days when you became a victim of reckless science. Now you’re stuck in a house floating in nothingness. It would be a very, very boring story, but luckily, there are some girls to keep you company!


Release Date: 2020-04-10
Developer: Zanith Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.3 Public
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Corruption, Creampie, Handjob, Oral sex, Vaginal sex


v 0.1.1 Demo Hotfix

  • Fixed a number of typos
  • Updated the second dream sequence lesson with more states and stats progression (should be pretty much impossible to fail after the third try)


v 0.2b

  • ~400 new story renders
  • 2 new active characters, one main, and the other one is our first side character
  • 3 new animated sex scenes and one very long, but very beautiful erotic scene
  • 4 major events, three of those featuring new gameplay mechanics
  • More than double the number of words and characters and all those things
  • The first version of the girls stats screen


v 0.2.1 public

  • New girl teaser scenes
  • Bug fixes


v 0.2.2 hotfix

  • Fixed bug in Naomi’s dream sequence
  • Fixed but with stats app for certain routes


v 0.2.3

  • Difficulty of combat sequence is greatly reduced
  • Added hints for event blockers


v 0.2.3 hotfix

  • Fixed the bug in dialogue after winning against Rae


v 0.3.0

  • Full progression system rework (v0.2.x and earlier saves are NOT compatible with this update)
  • About 900 new renders
  • 11 new animation loops
  • 18 new events


v0.3.0 hotfix

  • Fixed the bug in story quest “What’s next.” If you have encountered this bug, just load your game, it should apply automatically.


v 0.3.1

  • 4 new Azraesha events
  • 250 new renders
  • 5 new animation loops


v 0.3.2

  • 2 completely new Naomi events
  • 75 completely new renders
  • 4 new animation loops
  • 2 returning reworked events from 0.2 cycle


v 0.3.3

  • 8 new events split between story and the girls
  • With 3 new animated scenes (10 animation loops in total)
  • 5 scene-based repeatables (3 from the new scenes, kitchen sex with Rae, and bath boobjob with Naomi)
  • New talk sprites (only casual clothing as of this build)


v 0.3.4

  • 3 new story events
  • 1 new animated lewd event
  • New talk sprites for Naomi
  • New fridge mechanics (yes! it will finally do your bidding)



  • new lewd events and event remaster (sofa doggy is back!)
  • new Cait’s side event
  • 15 new animation loops (5 are remasters of the old ones)
  • Recompressed images with minimal loss to perceived quality, but with a ~30% reduction in file size
  • New occupation and attached minor activity with Cait
  • Android release


v0.3.6 + hotfix 1

  • 1 new group event
  • 2 new Caitlin events (one animated repeatable)
  • 1 new Naomi animated repeatable
  • scene gallery (3 non-repeatable scenes available for now)
  • side event hints in love app
  • Fixed issues with attic disappearing when using scene replay while in-game
  • Fixed issues with certain dialogues



  • New arrival – Elf girl
  • New story event
  • Elf-girl starting arc (4 events)
  • Scheduling system rehaul
  • Rae’s attic butt stuff event
  • Naomi’s bath sex event
  • New main menu UI
  • New images in the phone gallery



  • Full rollback support
  • New character arc for Cait starts
  • Cait-Rae event + repeatable studies
  • Cait-Naomi event + repeatable hangout
  • Another Cait-Rae event
  • Lyriel event
  • Rae can now be bent over the counter in the morning even when she’s in her regular clothing
  • Shower handjob with Cait



  • 3 big events for Lyriel’s story
  • First animated sex scene with Lyriel
  • Animated sex scene with Rae
  • Lyriel’s reaction to trying to screw Rae in the kitchen in the morning
  • Repeatable non-sexual activity with Lyriel
  • A number of important bugfixes




  • 5 new events
  • Full-on animated sex scene with Lyriel (in two variations)
  • Lyriel’s first arc completed
  • 2000+ lines of dialogue
  • 200+ renders
  • 6 animation loops

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