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Ben X Slave Quest Apk Android Download

Ben X Slave Quest v0.04c

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Ben X Slave Quest APK v0.04c Android Port Download

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Download Ben X Slave Quest APK Android Full Game version 0.0.4c For Free – Ben X Slave Quest Android is an Adult Game for Android Download APK For Free. Ben X Slave Quest is a VisualNovel Adult Game. Download now in our site with no payment and full free to download, Visit for more Adult Android Games.

A parody trainer game based on the Ben 10 franchise, train Gwen and more characters into the perfect slut.

In a story starting directly from one of the series’ episodes, Albedo is double-crossed by the space villain Vilgax after obtaining Ben Tennyson’s Omnitrix. He transforms into the powerful Ultimate Humongosaur with his own device -the Ultimatrix- and fights all of his alien minions. In the end, he gets overwhelmed and -in the show- gets captured.
Not in our game.
At the very last second, Alien X gets activated instead, and Albedo escapes. Transported to a space between dimensions, he has no choice but to make a deal with the all-powerful beings Bellicus and Serena after they warn him of a mysterious threat which will lead to the end of the Multiverse.
He’ll need to replace Ben, and make sure everyone thinks he’s the real deal! That means playing the hero and gaining the trust of those who are close to the real Ben. His cousin Gwen, Rook Shar the Plumber cadette, the chaotic Charmcaster, and a Gwen from an alternate universe seem to be the key to saving the world… or to dominate it.

Features: High quality 2D art, music and sound, turn-based combat with RPG mechanics (XP, stats, perks, items…), animations, a complex character/wardrobe system…



Release Date: 2019-06-06
Developer: Newman&Akanoes Blog – Patreon Newman  Patreon Akanoes
Version: 0.04c
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Combat, Parody, Oral sex, Sci-fi, Trainer, Sleep sex, Superpowers, Turn based combat


Combat is now much more fun thanks to the time bar…
and some slutty hoes.
Shar can be trained and clothed (also has a small naked scene!).
Shit happens at Plumber HQ,
Blukic and Driba experiment on Albedo,
Gwen is bitchy, but sexy.
A mysterious man in black shades and a scar knows way too many secrets.
[…]there’s a tentacled alien sexy lady. Aliens and sex! That’s what this is about!




  • Improved a lot of stuff, from code organization, base mechanics, dialogue, the character doll system, combat, the inventory, a lot of art, SFX, music, effects, transitions, UI, cursors… Long list. Makes me want to play 0.02 so I can giggle at it.
  • Added base construction.
  • Added alien scanning.
  • Added installable and functioning Creep Cams (you can earn money now!).
  • Added wander mechanic (girls will appear in different locations depending on the time of the day and game events)
  • Added new characters.
  • Added expressions and improved on the existing ones.
  • New clothes for Shar.
  • New location, bathroom.
  • Added readable combat manual (Combat and gameplay tips)
  • New BIOS entries.
  • Added new enemies (Big Bros) and new combat items (4 grenade types, buffout pills).
  • Added functioning Hypno-Watch.
  • Started Gwen’s corruption path.
  • Continued Shar training, with new scenes, and repeatable night visits and health checks.
  • Added naming system for Shar which changes the way Ben calls her depending on the situation.
  • Continued the Plumber/Fistrick/Annodyte’s dust investigation and Plumber Rank 2.
  • Fixed inconsistencies. Improved pacing. Went crazy with the little details (as usual).
  • Set music volume to 60% by default.
  • Polished like crazy
  • Fixed a GINORMOUS amount of bugs. This has been our hardest testing phase ever, (new complex mechanics coexisting, tweaks to the older systems, event flag re-positioning, small additions which broke the game for no apparent reason… it’s been tough) We have been pretty thorough, but let us know if we missed something!




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Find the gamecache file and tap long press the file and tap the menu in your phone and tap Extract or Decompressed.

After Extract or Decompressed the file, Copy the folder that start in com. and paste to Android/OBB folder or Android/Data. you can see in Download orange button above where to put the cache file

You can now Install the apk and open it.

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How to know my phone GPU?
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How to solve "you not purchased this app"?
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First, make sure you download gamecache and put the folder in Android/Obb


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- After download reach 1%, cancel the download.
- Reinstall the game.
- Enjoy.

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