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Cure My Addiction [Chapter 3 Episode 4d]

Posted June 11, 2020

Cure My Addiction APK Chapter 3 Ep 4d Android Adult Game Download

Download Cure My Addiction APK Android Port Game version Chapter 3 Episode 4d For Free - Cure My Addiction Android is an Adult Game for Android Download APK

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Since your parents found out that you’re spending way too much time watching porn they decided to take action and do something about it.
Finally, they come to the conclusion to send you on your Uncle yacht without a phone, TV and computer. You’re not sure what happened, you didn’t see your Uncle for many years, your mother and him rarely talk to each other.

Apparently few years ago he becomes a millionaire and live a luxurious life since then. He’s married to Rachel and they have two daughters : Chloe and Emily. Emily, the oldest, was born from a previous relationship, I’ve never seen her father. Chloe was adopted a few months after my uncle married Rachel.

Once on board you’ll have to follow new rules to live on the boat and you’ll learn that breaking them has consequences. When you notice there’s only stunning women on board, you see an opportunity to give up porn for something even better! How will you achieve your goal? That’s up to you.


Release Date: 2020-03-13
Developer: TheGary – Patreon
Censorship: None
Version: Ch. 3 Ep. 4d
OS: Win, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Humiliation, Male Domination, Spanking, BDSM, Voyeurism, Lesbian, Anal Sex, Female Domination, Group Sex, Incest




This will be a detailed changelog. Thus it can have spoilers so if you didn’t complete the game you might want to avoid reading. Unless you think you have a bug. As you might have noticed, this is the first time I’m experimenting with putting (limited) new content in a patch. It felt like a good opportunity for trying something new. I struggled with the idea of how to implement this update while staying fair to everyone. Patch should be ready for tomorrow or the following day.

Bug Fixes:

  • Emily’s bikini during pool cleaning chore after you unlocked her exhibition level 1.
  • Some clothing errors during Truth or Dare.
  • When entering a room during Chloe or Emily punishment, Rachel was catching the MC and the render was wrong. If Rachel is busy with Chloe or Emily, she can’t catch you entering other rooms.
  • When Susan enters during Chloe’s spanking, there were some clothing issues.
  • +1 hour button has been removed in some location (bedroom, Linda’s office, bridge,…)
  • At dinner, Rachel will properly talk about Emily’s homework when she fails.
  • When you asked Chloe to do your chores, Rachel knew about it somehow, this is not the case anymore. There is a new scene after breakfast to reflect this change.
  • The flashlight is not usable the first time you do the event, added a dialogue line to make it clear.
  • Package delivery was causing too much confusion, it will now be delivered sooner. Items will arrive the next day after you asked Charlotte for them, during the day in your room.
  • It was impossible to trigger Rachel’s handjob in the MC bathroom after the first milestone.
  • Fixed “Hot Tub Pleasure” stars and triggers. Some scenes were impossible to see under some conditions.
  • Emily’s first blowjob was causing a lot of confusion, a notebook entry has been added in this version. As soon as it is possible to unlock, the notebook will tell you what to do.
  • “+1 hour” hotkey (w) has been reworked, it won’t work if you’re in an event / talk. To avoid skipping triggers or causing some unwanted behavior.
  • “Linda’s Night Visit,” it was possible to never see the first version of the event.
  • /!\ IMPORTANT: Fixed bug that stopped progression with Chloe. You needed to spank her but she stopped being sick. Loading a save with this bug should fix it immediately. You will be able talk to Chloe and continue normally. (You might skip the spanking but you’ll be able to do it again, don’t worry).
  • Removed some dialogue lines about the hairbrush.
  • Fixed Chloe’s spanking marks at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Fixed a game freeze happening during Emily’s bath.
  • Fixed a bug during MC shower when Chloe shows up, it was causing some weird overlapping issues.
  • Some of Chloe’s dialogues about being sore were not triggering properly. (used Emily’s status instead of Chloe)
  • The night visit trigger to enable or disable this event was not working in some instances.
  • Changed Emily’s face in the dialogue box during “Payback.” She’s not smiling anymore
  • Fixed a bug in the “event” window. Some progression stars were considered completed when they should not have.
  • When asking “About your revenge”, sometimes the midnight meeting was not triggering.
  • In Truth or Dare you can’t repeat the invitation once the girls already agreed to play. A notebook entry reminding you to go to the interior at 2:00 a.m. has been also added when this happens.

New content in the game:

  • Enabled most of the spanking marks not related to sexual events (spanking marks during sex scenes will be added over time, new events will have them.).
  • A talk with Chloe when she’s in the corner of the interior.
  • A missing render during Linda’s sex scene in the hot tub.
  • More talks to Amy.
  • Render for the storyline regarding Emily’s drinking in the interior.
  • New more advanced massage for Linda.
  • Talk with Rachel about using lotion on Linda.
  • A follow-up conversation about Linda’s dinner distraction (Aunt Makes Mistakes quest.)
  • New dialogues between Emily and Amy.
  • Introducing some of the story between Amy and Rachel.
  • Added how long the spanking marks will last for in the “intensity” tooltip.
  • New icon in the GUI to show if a character is affected by a spanking (red paddle under their face in the top bar).
  • New striptease for Linda.
  • 3 New scenes for Chloe.
  • Chloe “thighjob” has new clothes if you do it after 6am.
  • In “Sister Rivalry”, Emily can now watch the event at 16:00 without having to peek in some cases.



  • Fixed, Rachel’s 8p.m. punishment wasn’t counting and was triggering another punishment in the morning.
  • Fixed Linda scene when Rachel comes back. It wasn’t adding her the “spanked” state.
  • Fixed the last star of “Fulfilling Linda’s Request.” It will update automatically if you already saw it.
  • Fixed display bug with the “Anal Training” progress bar showing up where it wasn’t supposed to.
  • Fixed the first notebook of “Spending Time With Emily,” it wasn’t showing up (It wasn’t blocking the event, you needed to speak with Amy).


New location: The Island
More than 500 new full images (not counting partials).
12 new events, including:

  • 3 new events for Chloe
  • 3 new events for Emily
  • 1 new event for Amy
  • 5 more events featuring two or all three girls at the same time, including the longest event in the game yet (in terms of image count).

Additionally, the new update has:
4 different endings for island week depending on what you did during the week. (this is in addition to the 12 new events – no double counting)
The ability to replay the week once it’s over or return to the yacht.
Several smaller changes and additions (Including fix for impossible stars).



  • Extended Rachel’s ending.
  • Added many talks during the island trip.
  • Added a slider to change the textbox opacity in the preferences.
  • Added the current progression to the saves name.
  • You can now press “space” to exit a talk menu (experimental, on the island only.)
  • Fixed a bug preventing you to distract Emily and Chloe after coming back from the island.
  • Fixed Rachel being able to catch you enter rooms during the night.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed the “Can you come tonight” dialogue with Susan. It will only be possible if you did “Sacrifice” at least once.
  • Fixed a bug on an island that makes some day not count in the day counter.
  • Some other minor fixes.




  • Significantly improved render quality
  • Reworked all locations but three (they will be ready for 0.7)
  • Lots of new idles (more will be added with 0.7)
  • Around 200 new images
  • 1 New event about Susan
  • 1 New event about Rachel
  • 1 New event with Emily
  • New exhibition level for all the girls. New outfits to go with it.
  • Handled the island trip departure and arrival.
  • New progression window.
  • New dialogue mechanics.
  • Reworked the code to isolate old obsolete code completely from the new one (It lifts some restrictions I had before, it will be easier to add new things).
  • Added a ‘Relive the past’ dream menu, you’ll be able to play previous content when using it.
  • Added a cheat menu when dreaming about the past.


Fixed a bug that was causing the new yacht to be empty on a new game (related to previous bug fix).


v0.7 Changelog
Over 300 new images (not counting layers or GUI assets)
8 animations
1 event extended
10 new events
Added back the punishments
Added more punishment steps
Added new study chores
Added new cleaning chores
Improved the GUI
Added a new window about the punishments method.
Added back a reworked version of the character info window.
Added shortcut to close/open main window (n = notebook, p = progression, t = settings, c = characters info, u = punishment)
Pressing the space bar will close most GUI window and talk menu.
Added Chloe’s bedroom
Added Rachel’s bedroom
Added the bathroom
Added the spanking marks on NPCs that were recently spanked and a GUI to keep track.
Fixed a few minor bugs


Fixed a crash with 0.5 saves (could be ignored without any issue)
Added new dream menu and added “Dare or Dare” and “Sun Tzu” in it.
+ few minor tweak / typo / bug fixes.


Added “True Nature” to the dreams.
Fixed a bug that allowed the post-island dreams to be available before the event was completed.
Patch note:

6 New events
4 Events extended (Inappropriate Chloe, Shoe does Deserve It, Sun Tzu, The Deal,)
1 New scene for the public punishment
300+ new images (as usual, not counting layers, UI, etc.)
2 Animations (Rachel)
Fixed a lot of typos in older content.
Fixed reported bugs.
Added Exhibition and Corruption talks to reflect the current state of the game.


Added Extra naughty 2 as a requirement for True Nature (it was possible to miss it)
Added a warning about the island trip being disabled if you continue “True Nature”.


0.8.3 Patch Note:
Added additional help for “True Nature”
Added a warning about potential game over with an invitation to save the game
The threesome trigger was modified, it will now trigger the same hour you asked for it.
Added a warning when trying to skip time while Linda is waiting for a threesome in the bathroom.
Added 3 new render for “True Nature” for the “trap”.
Added one animation for “The Deal 2”
During “True Nature”, if you fail one mandatory requirement for the quest, the game over will trigger immediately.
Added a “Go to next meal” skip time button. The button is disabled in the afternoon on a day with a chores check.
Fixed trigger for “The Deal 2” when trying to do it before completing “True Nature”, it was working but counter-intuitive.
Added, “For Real?” to the dreams
Added all strapping to the dreams
Added a missing time slot to trigger Chloe’s corruption talk.
Removed MC’s clothes state from the setting window, it was not used after the island.


Patch note
Added the possibility to start an island trip within the dream menu (after “True Nature”)
Fixed the unlock hint for “True Nature”
Removed one star from Sun Tzu #1. It will allow the event to be fully completed. Added it to the dream list for the players who missed it.
In some rare cases the total progression percentage did not update properly. It has been fixed.
“Am I Sick” can now trigger when the dreams are disabled.
Edited the tooltip of 2 stars for “Three Envelopes.”
Added Linda’s night visit event to pre-island dream for those who skipped it.
Chloe’s strapping in the dream menu now require “Extra Naughty #2”
Edited the tooltip of the first star for “The Deal #2”
Added a warning message if rollback has been enabled due to the recent reports of broken saves due to it.



  • 3 new events – two of them quite long
  • 2 older events extended
  • Lot of small scenes not considered core content (not linked to a star)
  • Some little additions to make life on the yacht more varied
  • More than 15 new animations .
  • Over 250 new individual renders (900+ rendered total).
  • Fixed several bugs
  • New system to handle parts of the NPCs daily schedule, introducing some randomness (no impact on quests)
  • Improved quality of post island dialogues (0.6/0.7 content mostly).
  • GUI updated (and more help added)



  • Fixed one potential crash when loading a save.
  • Added some missing renders
  • Added a cooldown for Rachel asking you to meet her in your room (same cooldown has the request talk).
  • Fixed a few other minor issues.



  • Amy’s talks during some of her punishments or reward were not resetting.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen during Linda repeatable event in her office (Medical Emergency)
  • Update the help of the Amy’s training window
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing to max Amy’s training way too quickly.
  • Added some missing images, mostly background.
  • Fixed the spanking marks on Amy when she was wearing the default uniform or the full maid one.
  • Emily reading in her room now trigger more often, to make it easier to start “Three Envelopes”



  • The game has been split in 2 chapters and you can start playing immediately from chapter 2. Chapter 1 is still available by using the “Chapters” menu on the main screen.
  • Reworked the tracker to be much more helpful, Chapter 2 only.
  • Added a dialogue history window, available at all time , Chapter 2 only. .
  • 10 new events
  • 200+ full new images
  • 7+ new animations
  • Updated the tracker GUI and code optimization.
  • Extra Naughty #2 : You don’t have to watch Chloe’s strapping to complete the event.
  • It was possible to talk to an NPC during their sleep, it’s fixed but only after True Nature (it has very small impact before).
  • Updated the punishment window to make it less confusing.
  • After True Nature, all the idles are now random or semi-random.
  • The spanking marks duration is now additive up to 10 hours.
  • Updated scrollbar to make it easier to see.
  • Fixed an issue with save name in Chapter 1.
  • Lowered the chores success rate probability of Emily and Chloe when you don’t encourage them (10%).
  • And as usual lot of small fixes.


Most of the trigger that needed a specific render were not working properly. It was making the progression in “Good To Go” impossible.



Ch. 3 Ep. 1d

  • Introduction of 3 new characters (out of the 6 created for the chapter).
  • 4 New locations
  • 550+ images rendered
  • 2 Animations
  • Reworked GUI
  • Rollback is enabled and should be safe to use
  • Rewritten much of the underlying code
  • Added the foundation for a gallery, it should be ready in one of Chapter 3 Episode 1 patch.

The tracker has been improved to handle new types of events (like the one with the new NPC), it will show a list of “actions” available for each character, if you click on it, you’ll see the old tracker information with the star and how to complete/unlock it.
Its missing the percentage indicator for each character, it will be added soon.

Office content:
This content is mostly linear and introduces you to what is planned for this chapter. I want to make clear it’s not a direction the game is taking, it is just an introduction.
During the 3 days, you will spend at the new location, there will be a few night events, they have different outcomes possible. That doesn’t mean there’s a good or bad choice (no game over).
You can’t go back once you leave for the yacht (in this update).

Yacht content:

  • A new reward for acing Rachel’s test (study)
  • A new punishment for Rachel
  • A new possibility for the Lookout event (Rachel and Susan sunbathing)
  • Two new actions with Linda when having fun with her in her office.

Chapter 3 Episode 1 IMPORTANT: The Chapter 3 update is a standalone, you don’t need your old save. The game starts just after the end of the second chapter (download post). Essentially it starts you off with a 100% save when starting a new game.



Ch. 3 Ep. 2b

  • 7 New events.
  • One of the new events in an “interactive” spanking event, I had many requests for it, let me know what you think about it
  • Major developments in the story about Chloe and Emily.
  • Added a gallery with all the scenes available in the game, the button to open it is available in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Added old (Chapter 2) events to the tracker for new players, still missing some, they’ll be added later.
  • Default settings for the tracker are set to avoid spoilers (blurred action name and thumbnail).
  • Added new dialogues for Amy rewards and punishments to reflect her improving behavior.
  • Added a ‘swim’ button, it has a few outcomes, it’s the first player action to come back, more to come in future updates.
  • Fixed reported bugs.





  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe left&right to open the game menu
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot




===== CHAPTER 1 =====


===== CHAPTER 2 =====


===== CHAPTER 3 =====

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