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Damsels And Dragons Apk Android Download (7)

Damsels and Dragons v1.08

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Damsels and Dragons APK v1.08 Adult Android Port Game Download

Download Damsels and Dragons APK Android Full Game version 1.08 For Free - Damsels and Dragons Android is an Adult Game for Android Download APK For Free. Damsels and Dragons is a VisualNovel Adult Game. Download now in our site with no payment and full free to download, Visit for more Adult Android Games.

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In Damsels and Dragons you play a man who is managing a group of female adventurers — 4 at first, but more as time goes on — forming parties, sending them on adventures, getting them magic items, etc. Over time you will gain the affection of your adventurers, learn to cast spells, and engage in acts of lust and perversion.

New Content:

  • Bard class has been added. Class quest not yet included, because I’d like to hear feedback about balance first.

UI Improvements:

  • Girls now display a different image when they are dead.
  • “Enlightened” now has a help entry.
  • The number of healing potions and mana potions remaining is now displayed on the combat screen.
  • Advance and Retreat buttons now appear below a character, rather than above, so one can always see their face.

Bug Fixes:

  • Stealthed characters are now harder to hit again.
  • Lilith doesn’t cause the game to bug.
  • Having sex with Lucretia now uses attention as was intended.
  • Affection should now remain an integer after kissing.
  • Heretic quest should no longer cause images to display after the quest is finished.
  • The Druid quest will no longer add the outdated “Retreat” option to Druid characters.
  • Characters should no longer become “Enlightened” when they already are.

Functionality Changes:

  • Mob regeneration now happens after the effects of mobs being poisoned.
  • Status effects no longer stack. It has always been the case that having more than one “Regeneration,” for instance, would still cause only one regenerative effect per round, and now that will be accurately reflected in the fact that characters will not gain the status twice or more times. This affects Poisoned, Webbed, Charmed, Frozen, Thawed, Parrying, etc.
  • Lucretia may only feed once every four days, and cannot feed off of girls in Orech.
  • The formula for eligibility for various sexual actions now weighs lust more heavily relative to affection.
  • Participants in the ritual of Enlil now lose lust according to the standard lust loss from orgasming, rather than losing a flat 20. As a result, they will no longer go below 0.
  • One can now find Bards and Harbingers at the village sometimes.


New Content:

  • The Conquest goal is now available, and it is possible to conquer both Coita and Orech.
  • There are now encounters that yield magic items in the Black Forest. Naturally, these encounters are a little bit tougher.
  • Carly has a reward for a conquering hero.

UI Improvements:

  • You can use the number keys to selection actions in combat now instead of using the mouse, if you wish.
  • The number of Love and Revitalizing potions you have is now displayed on the main and adventure screens.
  • Some traits (not stat traits) will display along with the fetish information given in the item selection screen.
  • The Space Bar can now be used for the “Next Day” function. The “A” button gets you to the adventure screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Making out when it’s one of the “lesser” options will no longer turn affection into a floating point number.
  • The correct image will now display when Carly “cures” someone.
  • The correct girls stats are now displayed in a variety of situations.
  • Spell Points now display properly for all characters in the information given in the item selection screen.
  • Fixed several situations where the game would jump you to a fight immediately after a special encounter, without asking if you wanted to continue.
  • Girl’s already bitten by Lucretia no longer receive lust bonuses when bitten again, nor do they gain the “Bitten” attribute multiple times.

Functionality Changes:

  • Recruiting characters in Coita or Orech no longer costs money if you have conquered them.
  • Ordering girls to take their clothes off no longer requires you to have attention left. Conquerors may tell even non Exhibitionist girls to walk around undressed, at a significant cost of affection.
  • The “Permanently Ignore” option is gone. Instead, there is a process whereby non-magical girls leave the game occasionally on their own. Non-magical girls whose affection you’ve built up significantly will stay.
  • If Felicity is ordered to be a pain toy, she no longer gives a bonus to all Sadists, with her happiness decreasing based on the number of Sadists you have — instead, she randomly plays with one sadist, who gets a larger effect, and her happiness decreases if that girl is not bisexual.


  • The difficulty of the pacification triggered fights in the Plains and Western Woods have been boosted slightly.



New Content:

  • The goal of fathering a new generation is now available.
  • New trait, “Fertile” allows some girls to become pregnant — so be careful. :) Pregnant girls will refuse to adventure once they are sure they are pregnant.
  • Potions are now available that allow girls to become fertile.

UI Improvements:

  • “Stat Traits” help has now been broken down into the types, since this was confusing for many people. The help is in pairs, e.g., “Agile/Slow” rather than a separate entry for “Slow.”

Bug Fixes:

  • Starting your first adventure in the plains no longer has a chance of causing an exception.
  • The Valkyrie led foursome will now properly be available and meet the other qualifications. The Huntress will no longer have the foursome option, and therefore will no longer show the Valkyrie-Heretic-Druid foursome. The Huntress continues to be available for four way action from the Harbinger menu, with the Drow.
  • Giving a character a new name now works again.
  • “Adventure” no longer displays if there aren’t 4 girls available (for any reason, not just rest)
  • Everyone dying no longer prevents “Adventure” from showing up.





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