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Hustle Town APK [Chapter 1-7] Android Adult Game Download

The game is set in an European town, your Uncle used to be a big shot there and you visited him a few times as a kid. He is retired now and mostly sold up but he still owns a cafe and a hostel, so you get free food and a free bed. The reason it’s called Hustle is you essential have no money and are to lazy to work for any, you have a few dollars to buy a joint and a beer now and again but that is about it, you need to hustle everything else. You come across a variety of girls and the only way to bed them is to help them out, so you have to hustle whatever they need, or you need, to bed them. It’s based on a fetch quest idea, to bed a girl you have to give her something, get her something or do something for her, but its not that simple as what you need to get has to be hustled from its owner, who in turn will usually want something in return, so you will need to hustle what they want and so forth until the circle completes. It will be easy at first but the chain of hustles will get more complicated as the game progresses. Each release will be a stand alone chapter that leads to the next chapter, although the story will progress, each chapter will have no bearing on the other except in one sense (I’ll explain in a minute), they will intertwine for sure, but any decisions/paths you need to take will only have a influence on the chapter you are playing. You can’t actually lose/die/fuck up, you just won’t finish the chapter. The one sense I mentioned comes into play here, unless you finish the first chapter you won’t be able get any progress in the next, you can play it but you will just get stuck as I will leave out an important element from the first one.​


Release Date: 2019-10-28
Developer: Mickydoo Patreon – Discord
Censored: No.
Version: Chapter 1-7
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Episodic, Male protagonist, Date Sim, Tiny tits, Vaginal sex, Creampie.



Save will have no hope of working if you have one, I’ve added a skip intro, nothing has changed much that you will miss out on in that bit. If you have not played it don’t skip it.

130 images.
1 animation (best I can do with a 1050 card).
3 NPC girls.
1 NPC male.
Meet 5 other people.
5 new locations.
Action with Amy.
Side mission with Penny.
Side mission with Jade.
Chance of a Jade bonus scene.
Map complete overhaul.
Phone complete overhaul.
Added rooms to hostel.
Scenes with Jenny in hostel.
Added a little game puzzle thing to do with Jade bonus scene. There is a way to skip it, the game still progresses but you won’t get the scene. If this annoys too many people I can change it.
Fixed the phone at the hostel in the morning.
Jenny’s outfit is still wrong when she comes and sees you, I lost the scene in DAZ, I’ll do the whole thing again when I have more time.
I broke the gallery for now sorry.
Next update will be twice as big, I spent half the time re-doing the map and what not.
Also next time round I will stop leading the player around so much and leave it up to you.
Planned for next time round –
Getting stoned with Penny.
Getting some transport and get some time with Jade.
You will get closer with Mikayla.
Some lesbian voyeurism.
You will learn something interesting about Jenny.
The town Mystery deepens.


135 pics.
3 animations, 1 from 2 angles.
2 sex scenes (you will only see one as it’s path orientated).
NPC’s added for the story line.
You can chat up the librarian, if you have not met her you will. (This is just a test thing for now)
A lot of town mystery added.
Fixed an old bug from the first release.
Fixed an image issue with Nicky and Jade.
Fixed the stat screen.
Removed the gallery. I have been doing the hard way and it’s got to hard, there is an inbuilt renpy way, I have not got my head around that as of yet. (I will)
Sometimes inside the hostel I have disabled the room maps except the one you need, it bugs out on me, this is an easy fix for now. Every release has an isolated map from the last one and each map coding is improved as I learn, I’ll work it out sooner or later.
Fixed the stat screen, it will only update from this release.
Made the dialogue box a bit darker as suggested.
Added a closing credit screen as suggested.
Ran the previous script through notepad + and fixed old typo’s.
This script was ran through it first so it should be a lot better.
Changed the wrong spellings of Mikayla to Mikayla, found about 10 -15 of those spelled three different ways.
Discovered that if you ever make a game do not use names that are a prick to spell.


185 images
4 animations (2 sex scenes with 2 different angles)
Lesbian voyeur scene hooked into one of the sex scenes
You can now see the girls in the evenings
You can use the car you found to a degree
It’s set up for a side mission with Belle and Nicky
Made a mac and android version as well


190 images.
3 animated scenes (1 depends on if you hid behind the bin the last release).
Not fully proofread as my proofreader is sick.
I’ll have a MAC version and an Android version in a day or two, I like making sure the pc is fine first as it takes me quite a few hours yo upload them.


I have had issues between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, I hope I fixed it, if not I’ll panic.
221 images
Two animated scenes
One non-animated scene
A few fuck-ups
I was trying to link the seeing the girls to the day’s events but it was beyond me
Depending on the question with Zoe last EP two different things are set up
You have to make a decision regarding the real estate boss for upcoming episodes
You meet the idiot twins sister, be careful how you answer
Someone makes a surprising visit to the game storyline
All the main NPC’s are set up to be closer to the gameplay
I have cleaned up and optimized the image folder, this release is actually smaller than the last one.
Fixed two image issues that were pointed out me
Updated the girl’s stats that was also pointed out to me


Chapter 7
230 pics
Three lewd animations (you will only see two)
Depending on whether you decided to use blackmail or thievery to get the key, one will lead to an animated scene with an NPC which leads to a progression with her.
In the next episode, there will be a similar thing with another NPC. There will be a scene eventually with all the NPC’s, just can’t say when or how.
The last two animations are done differently than all the rest, I only learned it halfway through this release, there is no sound as for now.
In one of the animations there is hand fuck up, I know, I will fix it, but there is a bigger fuck up with losing the scene so its not easy.
I have also ran the whole script through google docs and Grammarly, I hope I didn’t break anything.
As usual, give me a day or two to make everything is ok and I’ll post a mac and android version.

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