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Lexi APK v0.05c Adult Android Port Game Download

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Download Lexi APK Android Port Full Game Latest version 0.05c For Free – Lexi Android is an Adult Game for Android Download APK For Free. Lexi is a VisualNovel Adult Game. Download now in our site with no payment and full free to download, Visit for more Adult Android Games.

You play as a former MMA fighter turned bodyguard. Your first assignment: Lexi is the daughter of a famous and rich televangelist, and has been getting some creepy letters in the mail. Will you be able to protect her?


Release date: 2020-02-07
Developer/Publisher: Chatterbox Discord Subscribestar Patreon Website
Censorship: None
Version: 0.05c
OS: Win, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Cheating, Creampie, Dating Sim, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Masturbation, Milf, Multiple Endings, Religion, Romance, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Voyeurism


1. All the old Sarah images were replaced.
2. Various typos were corrected.
3. The issue causing the player not to get points after choosing Kaylee in the shopping scene was fixed.


This update takes us through Day 4, and has over 400 new images.

The volume of the sound effects can now be adjusted in the Preferences menu.

At times I use image sequences that are easy to miss if you click to fast. Starting in v0.03, I will note that the next click will be an image sequence by placing (seq) at the end of the dialog preceding the sequence.


Lexi is back!
A few notes before you download.
1. We were planning on 25 animations, but cut that to 22 due to quality issues with 3 of them. The good thing is that they were all 3 very minor animations.
2. Some of the animations ended up as movie files to help with load times. However most of them are coded animations that play as an image series at 30 – 60 fps. We did this to preserve quality. The trade of is load times. Depending on the speed of your machine you may have to give each animation a couple seconds to load. Let us know what your experience is with this. If it becomes a problem we’ll start making two version, one with high quality animations made from image series, and one with movie files that may not have as good of quality, but loads faster.
3. Please don’t use saves from v0.03 or before. I went back and added flags to every choice so that the game keeps track of them no matter how small the choice was. This will help with future updates.
4. We removed the old points screen that listed all the points. I never liked the way it looked anyway. I replaced it with a character screen for each character. This screen shows their general information, relationship status, and recent thoughts.
5. The GUI was redesigned.
That’s it. We hope you like this update, and we’re excited to be back.


– Since we’ve finished building the Character Bio page and added the points to it, I’ve removed the old HUD and replaced it with a button in place of the HUD that gets you to the Character bio page. When viewing a character’s bio page, hitting Characters in the menu to the left will bring you back to the character listing page, and Resume will get you back to the game.

– A bug was found on day 6 from v0.04 that ended the update too soon by kicking the player out to the main menu just after the bookstore, if the player chose not to go on a date with Chelsea. This was fixed. You may have to use a save from before the MC goes to bed the previous night to remedy the error.

– About three months ago as I was working on v0.04, I had decided to release the base game (with still images instead of animations) to the $2 tier, and the game with animations to the $5 and up tiers. After talking with many players on Discord, they’ve expressed that they would rather get the full game, but have a delay for tiers below the $10 tier. So if I go with their suggestions, the $10 and up tier would get the game with animations on release day, and the $5 and $2 would have a delay. Obviously I would use a much shorter delay for the $5 tier. I want to hear from more supporters on this before I make any changes. On this update, I’m going to release to everyone until I work out what would be fair and reasonable for all supporters.

– This update takes us about halfway through Day 7. The main focus is Kaylee. We cover less time, but have a similar size update to the last update.

– I’m gonna try to reduce the time between updates. This also means smaller but more frequent updates. I hate waiting 2 1/2 to 3 months between updates. For the next update I’m gonna try for 8 weeks because I have to go to training for my day job for about a week. I’ll try to reduce it even further from there. As support grows I intend my first purchase to be a new motherboard and CPU to speed up posing. Posing is the biggest delay. So any support you can spare is helpful and very appreciated.


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