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Nano-control v0.28c

Posted September 21, 2021

Nano-control APK v0.28c Latest Adult Android Game Download

Download Nano-control APK Android Full Game version 0.28c For Free - Nano-control Android is an Adult Game for Android Download APK For Free.

Nano Control Apk Adult Android Game Download (1) Nano Control Apk Adult Android Game Download (5) Nano Control Apk Adult Android Game Download (4) Nano Control Apk Adult Android Game Download (3) Nano Control Apk Adult Android Game Download (2)

You just moved to Little Eden due to your fathers deployment. No TV, no internet and no reception, when things were looking like they couldn’t get any worst a chance encounter with an individual has given you the opportunity to turn things around and maybe even create your little slice of paradise.



-4 different periods of the day (morning, noon, evening and night), each with different events!
-No combat
-Do part time work to earn what you need to buy what you need!
-Find targets for you to control and then train them to exert further control over them!
-Manage between training and generating income!
-Complete mini-quest to obtain necessary materials to carry out your plans!
-4 different endings and 6 girls currently planned!
-Art will be in 2D!
Release Date: 2020-04-01
DeveloperSmilingDog – Discord
Censorship: No
Version: 0.28c
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Mind control, Moral degradation, Corruption, impregnation, incest, sandbox, male protagonist, public use (optional)
v0.13b Changelog:
-Lena level 3 event
-Rika level 3 event
-Recollection room (scene replay room)
-Keyboard config (Thanks to yanfly!)
-Kay’s public use scene
-Numerous QoL updates
-Lily’s art is in the game now!
-Lily’s quest well be saved for something more fun haha, but I got you guys something else instead.
-New Patron sponsored NPCs added into the game!
-Not one, but two public use scenes are added into the game this time, cause I love you all. Jace and Gwen now have their public use scenes in the game now!
-Fixing bugs and re-balancing some levels
-Some secrets
1)Kay’s mind room 1
2)Jace’s mind room 1
3)Jace and Kay’s threeome
4) Outfit system upgrade
5)Elaine’s mind room 1 rework
6)Lena’s mind room 1 rework
7)Rika’s public use scene
8)A lot of bug fixes
v0.18b changelog
-Added Rika’s mind room 1
-Added Gwen’s mind room 1
-Added Rika x Gwen threesome
-Added Rika’s anal scene
-Added Kat into the replay room
-Fixed bugs, Ghost-chan and Grass-chan shouldn’t appear anymore.
-Added mind room 1 events in the replay room
-Tweaked some quest markers
-Elaine’s mind room 2 added
-Rika’s mind room 2 added
-Jace’s mind room 2 added
-Kay’s mind room 2 added
-Gwen’s mind room 2 added
-Lena’s mind room 2 added
-Rika x Elaine scene added
-Lily x Kay scene added
-Inn updated
-Added maid outfit
-Added harem outfit
-Added Gwen’s anal scene
-Added images for a certain NPC
-Updated dialogue for certain events
-Your decisions on their mind room 3 events should be better reflected now
-Bug fixes
-New image system for controller
-New outfit system (Thanks Train!)
-Elaine’s personal ending
-Kay’s personal ending
-Added mansion book to fix stuff in the mansion
-Haru and Erika will arrive in the Inn after a couple of days.
– Click “ctrl” to hide textbox
-Added Gwen’s ending
-Added Jace’s ending
-Fixed a series of problems
-Added Rika’s stuff in advance
-Tweaked the outfit thing a bit (Cat ears should no long appear)
-Rika mind room 3 added
-Rika personal ending added
-Elaine mind room 4 added
-Lena mind room 4 added
-Milf ending added
-Option to strip in public after you complete the well quest
-Interaction between Elaine x Jace in the mansion kitchen
-Tweaked the ending to not show certain girls if you have not controlled/interacted with them
-Some minor fixes in spelling
-Rika mind room 4
-Kay mind room 4
-Jace mind room 4
-Gwen mind room 4
-Rika+Gwen group ending
-Kay+Jace group
-Added “Honey” as a selection for Elaine
-Updated recollection room
-Harem ending
-Mind room 5 for Elaine
-Mind room 5 for Rika
-Mind room 5 for Kay
-Mind room 5 for Gwen
-Mind room 5 for Lena
-Mind room 5 for Jace
-Mind break added
-Alternate dialogue
-Updated some systems for future endings
*-Fixed a bunch of bugs
*-Added broken variant of personal endings
*-Fixed the faceless problem
*-A lot more stuff that I can’t remember right now
Good ending added
-Bad ending added
-Numerous items are now able to be clicked
-Broken scenes updated
-Numerous NPCs added
-Controls can be configured manually now
-Elaine morning BJ scene
-Pet play
-Recollection room updated
-Gwen and Kay interaction
-Elaine morning BJ scene
-Pet play
-Recollection room updated
-Gwen and Kay interaction


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