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Overlord H [R22]

Posted November 27, 2021

Overlord H APK [R22] Android Port Adult Game Download

Overlord H APK Android Port Visual Novel Adult Game Latest Version R22 Download - Overlord H Android Adult Hentai Mobile Game Download FREE

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You are spending the final minutes in your favorite DMMO-RPG, YGGDRASIL before it shuts down for good at midnight.

However, when the time comes, nothing apparently happens.
Unable to log out, you are stuck in a world that looks similar to the game yet so much more realistic, especially the NPCs that begin to behave consciously…​


Release Date: 2020-03-08
Developer: Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: R22
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Creampie, Fantasy, Interracial, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Monster girl, Parody, Sandbox, Vaginal sex, Virgin


-Fixed: Shalltear CG 8 not showing up in gallery.
-Added: 7 CGs.
-Added: 5 Characters (Evileye, Tuare, Lakyus, Tia, Tina).
-Added: 2 Maps (Re-Estize, Upper District Mansion).
-Added: 4 Side Events.
-Added: 1 Mirror event.
-Added: 8300 words (~20 minutes gameplay).


-Fixed: Shooting Star ring not recharging as often as it should.
-Added: 6 CGs.
-Added: 1 Gold token (Jhaiza).
-Added: 1 Character (Cixous).
-Added: 7300 words (~20 minutes gameplay).


-Fixed: Jhaiza’s gold token being unlocked without meeting the requirements.
-Fixed: Ghost event in Momonga Chambers.
-Fixed: Neimel no longer appears if she is dead.
-Fixed: Momonga not displaying the last objective of R16 correctly.
-Changed: Sebas and Demiurge sprites have been redone and are now animated.
-Changed: Gallery supports animated CGs now (All changes were applied accordingly, including the walkthrough).
-Changed: Gallery always shows “Previous” and “Next” buttons to allow a faster navigation.
-Changed: Ninya has a sprite now.
-Added: 6 CGs.
-Added: 8 Side Events.
-Added: 4 Mirror events.
-Added: 5500 words (~15 minutes gameplay)


-Fixed: Minor typos.
-Fixed: Narberal will no longer call you her husband in Re-Estize if she is not married to you.
-Fixed: Missing check for Yuri’s creampie.
-Fixed: Hamsuke will no longer be called Hamsuke in the graveyard if you named her something else.
-Changed: “Jelori” and “Rosalyn” have their own category in the gallery now, return button moved on top for ease of access.
-Changed: CGs unlocked by the mirror are now marked as such.
-Changed: Locked mirror events now show whose character unlocks them.
-Changed: Added flash to cum scenes.
-Changed: “About” section displays the percentage of dialogue read now.
-Added: 5 CGs.
-Added: 1 Gold token (Hilma).
-Added: 2 Characters (Rishusa, Hilma).
-Added: 2 Map (Tob’s cave, Hilma’s mansion).
-Added: 2 Side Events.
-Added: 1 Mirror event.
-Added: 8700 words (~25 minutes gameplay).


-Fixed: You can no longer attempt to save in automatic saves.
-Fixed: Being able to access either Catastrophe Dragon Lord fight or Shalltear’s fight ignoring Clementine’s state.
-Changed: Console has been turned on (tread carefully!).
-Added: 3 Characters (Karorin, Manservant, Lance).
-Added: 8 CGs.
-Added: 2 Maps (Arwintar, Arwintar’s inn room).
-Added: 2 Mirror events.
-Added: 6500 words (~15 minutes gameplay).


-Fixed: Misc 39 thumbnail.
-Fixed: Bukubukuchagama’s and Peroroncino’s outline width.
-Fixed: Horizontal offset in floor selection (Fallback from R21).

-Changed: World map has been overhauled.
-Changed: You can quickly exit the gallery by pressing “ESC”.
-Changed: Arche, Rubedo and Imina have their own custom font now.
-Changed: Lizardman village’s access has been moved to the Great Lake.
-Changed: R21 side events play an objective before and last till the end of day 71.

-Added: Hide button to support android ports.
-Added: Preference for custom fonts and M/M (Default: Disabled).
-Added: Textbox sample in preferences.
-Added: Map exit points in E-Rantel and Re-Estize.
-Added: 4 CGs.
-Added: 1 Mirror event.
-Added: 1 Character (Jirnivel).
-Added: 3 Side event.
-Added: 1 Map (Gigantic Tree).
-Added: 1 Gold Token: Mare (Thanks Springbuns for the ideas!)
-Added: 8400 words (~20 minutes gameplay).

-Fixed crash at the beginning of Clementine’s footjob.
-Fixed Rubedo’s side event appearing before her activation.



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First, make sure you download gamecache and put the folder com.xxx.xxx in Android/Obb


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- After download reach 1%, cancel the download.
- Reinstall the game.
- Enjoy.

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