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Paccsu – Namu’s Journey v0.21

Posted August 17, 2021

Paccsu APK v0.21 Android Port Visual Novel Adult Game Download

Paccsu APK Android Port Visual Novel Adult Game Download - Paccsu Namus Journey APK Android Port Adult Visual Novel Erotic Game Download.

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“Paccsu – Namu’s Journey is a LEWD RPG game set in a fantasy world called Paccsu. You take control of a Muh’keangirl called Namu, who was taken away from her birth parents at a young age to be a part of a holy ritual in Muh’kea’sdesperate attempt to fight The Undying King, the King of Zombies.

She was taken to the Kingdom of Ruo’ho by a human refugee couple to live by the shadow of the mystical Tukeva Tower, where she would live her life, train and grow strong. 18 years later, Namu is ready for the adventure with the help of her adoptive parents. Namu has no idea what happened in her past or has any memory of it or what kind of power she holds inside her. Soon, Namu finds herself in the middle of a crisis that threatens the whole world.
Namu’s journey begins when she is sent to investigate the mines where dangerous and bootylicious snakes from the Clan Tiss’i have been attacking the innocent human workers. It’s Namu’s job to save the world.”​



Release Date: 2020-04-04
Developer/Publisher: Zem Patreon – Newgrounds
Censorship: None
Version: 0.21
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2D game, 2DCG, Adventure, Anal sex, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Furry, Monster, Monster girl, Rape



New Areas:

Hall of Fallen Heroes/Burial Site
– Someone is tampering with the Seals of Ruo’ho and Namu is sent to this ancient burial site
called Hall of Fallen Heroes by her Dad to investigate.
Someone is disturbing the sleep of the dead, so the halls are filled with ghosts!

Guardians of Light Temple
– Voice of Light Orb is guarded here by the Orb Guardian

Mount Tapett’ava
– Gateway for the Undying King

New Enemies (Hall of Fallen Heroes, Mount Tapett’ava)
– Homicidal Soul
– Undead Priestess (Boss)
– The Undying King (Boss)

All the enemies have new and exciting loot to drop

New Lewd Scenes

– Maht’ava (Final Form, Boss)
Huge Anal Tentacle (Animated)

– Ghosts/Disturbed Souls (Hall of Fallen Heroes/Burial Site)
Namu Futa Ghost Blowjob (Animated)

– Made some adjustments to skills/powers/stats
– BewbTek Facility, Imprisoned in Ooze are now part of the main storyline and need to be completed
to continue the story.
– Kiva receives a new power at lvl 23 called Slimopolooza. (All Allies recover 15 Hp and MP, also 15TP)

Bug Fix:
– Removed the message in the throne room that said “here ends 0.12 version” lmfao

Saves Included:
– Slot 5 (Mainio after completing the Ooze mission)
– Slot 6 (The Undying King Battle)


Purnima’s Quest:

As Namu is getting ready to battle The Undying King, Purnima is fleeing Mount Tapett’ava with the Voice of Light. Everything seems to go relatively well, but then she runs into trouble.

When you have completed this mission, Purnima will join your party!

New Areas:


  • Tapetta’va Forest
  • Tapett’ Village (Village, cemetary, tunnels)

New Enemies:


  • Tiss’i Mercenaries
  • Leah Mean-Tail the Bounty hunter (Boss)

New Lewd Scenes:


  • Purnima Double Penetration Tentacles (CG, Tiss’i Sorcerer)
  • Purnima Anal Penetration (CG, Animated, Tiss’i Sorcerer)



  • Reduced the amount of Evasion % of Heightened Reflexes (33% to 30%) and Lightning Reflexes (66% to 60%).
  • Buffed Dragon’s Gaze (Namu)
  • Removed MP gain from Slimopolooza (Kiva)
  • Buffed Absorb Lifeforce (Kiva)
  • Adjusted the Mainio Auction Lewd Event a little (Namu, Mainio)
  • Slightly nerfed The Undying King (Stats and HP reduced. Now takes increased damage from Wind and Earth)
  • Wind and Earth powers can now miss the target (But damage slightly buffed!)
  • Added a new option in the menu that allows you to change the speed of Battle Animations (Access via Options)
  • One Thousand Cuts now ignores target defense and hits 19 times (from 15) (This one ignores also your ATTACK, so lets see how that goes lmffao)
  • Adjusted lightning effects in Deadlands and Ancient Underground City
  • Added Heart icons for most lewd events so you can’t miss them

Saves Included:


  • Slot 15 (Invasion begin)
  • Slot 16 (Sewer Mission/Robot Facility)
  • Slot 17 (Ooze mission)
  • Slot 18 (Message from Dad, Burial Site)
  • Slot 19 (Battle with The Undying King)
  • Slot 20 (Purnima’s Quest)

Purnima’s Skills:

Level 22 (Starting Level)


  • Quickslash
  • Backstab
  • Heightened Reflexes

Level 23


  • Kunai Storm

Level 24


  • Shredding Claws

Known bugs:


  • Saves from 0.13 MIGHT NOT WORK FOR SOME GOD DAMN REASON. Sorry for the inconvenience. This is an unfortunate effect from the updates. This is why I added 5 saves in this update.



Paccsu 0.16 is here with following additions and changes:
New Areas:
Tuho-Tapa Forest (Side Mission)

Professor Humbledorf has a new task for Namu and her friends. This time Namu needs to head deep inside the mystical Tuho-Tapa Forest and locate the ancient tree called Tree of Tuho-Tapa and drain some sap from it. The forest is filled with mysterious, but dangerous creatures.
Tuho-Tapa Forest is an optional side mission. This mission is available right after you’ve finished Purnima’s Quest, in front of the Mainio Castle.


  • Namu gets a new power called Dragon Fire Cyclone at lvl 26
  • Kiva gets a new power called Slime Disaster at lvl 26
  • Replaced Leg Sweep with Steel-Buns Strike (Namu, lvl 11)
  • Rumpus’ Buttslam now displays damage dealt to Namu
  • One Thousand Cuts now hits 15 times and the damage has been adjusted (Namu)
  • Kunai Storm now hits 10 times all targets and the damage has been adjusted (Purnima)
  • Slimopolooza heals 20% of party hp instead of 15%. (Kiva)
  • Shredded is no longer removed by damage and it lasts 3 turns (Shredded decreases target physical resistance by 10%)
  • Mind Drain now drains 3% hp every turn instead of 4%.
  • Disorient now actually lowers defense lmffao
  • Buffed Dragon’s Gaze once again lol
  • Added Namu’s character portrait in the first Booby-Snake encounter and made the snake talk
  • Increased the drop chance of most loot in the game
  • Many ittybitty things that are not that noticeable

Known Issues:

  • Game Over screen will always display Purnima’s Game Over scene.
  • Sometimes you need to hold the X button longer to advance the scenes that loop. This is because it needs to loop atleast once while you are holding the X key.

Save Included:

  • Slot 20 (Purnima’s Quest done, in front of Mainio Castle)



New Areas:

  • Tower of Lohik’, Harbor Town Sata’ma (Main Mission)

The Undying King is still the biggest threat to the lives of everybody in the world
of Paccsu, so Jasquel is sending Namu and her friends to Muh’kea to face the King of
Zombies face to face. Namu is sent to the Harbor town of Sata’ma to look for a
captain who will take her to Muh’kea. The captain needs help tho, and Namu needs to
recover his maps and his sword from Tower of Lohik’.

New Enemies:

  • Lohik’ (Boss, Tower of Lohik’)
  • BewbTek Shield Blaster (BewbTek Facility)

New Lewd Scenes:

  • Kiva’s butt drilled by a huge vibrator (BewbTek Shield Blaster)
  • Kiva’s butt rammed (BewbTek Goliath)
  • Lohik’ Tower Vine Trap (Namu Anal, animated tentacle)


  • Lewd scenes can be skipped with numpad0 now too. FOR YOU LEFT HANDED FAPPERS
  • You can now relock the lewd scenes in Namu’s Memory Room by pressing the red button again
  • Added a music button in Namu’s Memory Room. You can choose to play one of the 3 Battle Musics.
  • Itty Bitty things that are not so noticeable

Save Included:

  • Slot 20 (Purnima’s Quest done, in front of Mainio Castle)




Namu is finally travelling to Muh’kea with her friends and Namu is one step closer to defeating the Undying King once and for all! She still has a long way to go tho…

Namu meets a mystic called Shaaden in Ran’ta. He sends Namu and her friends for their first task to collect the necessary artifacts to get inside the Castle Undying. Namu’s first task is to travel to Temple of Shadows to collect a ring called Ring of Valor. This ring is rewarded to anyone who completes the challenges within the Temple.

New Areas:
Town of Ran’ta
Temple of Shadows

The temple is filled with beefier versions of the Undead. They will use their usual lewd attacks on Namu. All of these enemies have new loot!
New Enemies (Temple of Shadows)
Shadow Namu
Shadow Kiva
Shadow Purnima

New Lewd Scene:
Kiva’s Bewbs Fucked by a Vine (Tower of Lohik’)
This scene has 2 looping parts. This scene can be found inside Tower of Lohik’.

Adjusted the volume of many of the skills
Namu receives a new power called Scorching Blade at lvl 27
Kiva receives a new power called Stimulating Slime at lvl 27 (Party Revive)
Purnima receives two new powers: Viper’s Fangs at lvl 25, Cleavage Sand at lvl 26
Purnima also gets Lightning Reflexes at lvl 28. I forgot to mention this at the last update lol
Slimopolooza now heals 25% instead of 20%. (Kiva)
Kiva has her own unique sprite now!
Some tiny things that I don’t remember right now lmffao

Bug Fixes:
“Scorched” (DoT) actually debuffs target’s fire defense instead of buffing it lmao (-5%)
“Electrify” also debuffs the magic defense of the target instead of buffin it LOL OOPS (-5% all elements, -10% magic defense)
“Disorient” now works too and debuffs target’s physical defense (-10%)
The music button in Namu’s memory room now works correctly and the music continues into the second room too


There is a distraught elf girl called Maria Elfenbooben in Ran’ta and she is looking for help. A Thief stole her family heirloom from her home and she needs help retrieving it from the Bandit Hideout.

This sidemission is available after you’ve finished the Temple of Shadows, Maria Elfenbooben is in Town of Ran’ta – South.

New Areas:
– Tower of Memories, Bandit Hideout
– Maria’s Location
– Bandit Hideout Location

New Enemies (Bandit Hideout):
– Bandit Warlock
– Bandit Knight
– Bandit Martial Artist
– Summoned Battlegolem (Boss)

New Lewd Scenes:
– Namu Kaupun’ki Bar Scene 2 Extended, Animated (Kaupun’ki, Bar) (Gfycat)
Remember, when you have completed the first scene, you need to go sleep at the Kaupun’ki Inn to make this scene available!
– Namu’s butt tentacled, sideway view, belly bulge, animated (Bandit Warlock, Bandit Hideout)(Gfycat)
– Lohik’s Buttslam (Male, Female) Lohik’s Special Attack in the Tower of Lohik’

Increased the price of Elixir from 500g to 1200g
Increased the TP cost of Lightning Reflexes from 18 to 25
Increased the TP cost of Heightened Reflexes from 8 to 10
Kiva receives a new power called Motherly Slime (lvl 28), Regeneration, Ally Debuff remover
Kiva receives a new power called Slimediho (lvl 29), Debuffer, Physical Damage
Kiva receives a new power called Slime Cascade (Lvl 30), High Physical Damage
Kiva receives a new power called Crushing Slime Prison (Lvl 31), Paralyze, Physical Debuff, High Physical Damage
Kiva receives a new power called Plagueslime (lvl 32), High Physical Damage, Applies Plague’d (DOT)
Namu receives a new power called Glacial Slash (Lvl 28), Tier 3 Ice Slash
Namu receives a new power called Blessing of the Blue Dragon (lvl 29), Party heal, Defense buff
Namu receives a new power called Storm Slash (lvl 30), Tier 3 Lightning Slash
Namu receives a new power called Encourage (lvl 31), Party Damage & Defense boost
Namu receives a new power called Meditation (lvl 32), TP and MP regeneration
Namu receives a new power called Judgment of the Golden Dragon (lvl 33), Light Defense Debuff, DOT
Purnima receives a new power called Massacre (lvl 29), 2 Random target, Bleed, Shredded
Purnima receives a new power called Throat Cut (lvl 30), Deep cut, Rupture (Massive DOT)
Purnima receives a new power called Smoke Bomb (lvl 31), Party Evasion Buff, Blind Immunity
Purnima receives a new power called Sucker Punch (lvl 32), Disorient, Confusion
Slightly Increased the damage of Slimeburst, Slimespit, Slimespike Barrage and Massive Slime Bomb. (Kiva)
Increased Damage of Hellfire (Inferno Orb)
Stormcharge is no longer Instant Cast (Storm Lord’s Orb), Magic Attack Bonus increased from 25% to 30%.
Decreased the TP cost of Namu’s elemental slash attacks (Fire Slash, Ice Slash, etc.)
Changed the music of Town of Ran’ta
Increased the prices of items that increase stats
Party members will now receive Experience Points even if they are defeated at the end of the battle
Lightning Reflexes and Heightened Reflexes can no longer be stacked (They will remove one another)
Some itty bitty things

Bug Fix:
none (whaaat??)


After Namu and her friends completed the trials in the Temple of Shadows, the hunt for the other key artifacts continue, as Shaaden sents Namu to explore the remains of an old mansion. Only a small cottage remains on top of the remains, but what they find inside is something they never expected. It’s an adventure filled with mystery, tragedy… Human and animal experiments… Human sacrifice… Also puzzles!

This mission continues the story! This mission is available from Shaaden, after you have finished the Temple of Shadows.

New Areas:

  • Palmenbutten Mansion

New Enemies (Palmenbutten Mansion)

  • Cultist
  • Cerberus X (Boss)

New Lewd Scenes:

  • Kiva’s Boob sucked by a slug (Mainio Sewers)
  • Namu’s Ass Tentacle’d, DP, Ass Spread, Anal (Palmenbutten Mansion, Ending)
  • Namu’s Thigh Tentacle’d (Palmenbutten Mansion, Ending)


  • Increased the chance of lewds events happening on all enemies. (As they HP goes lower, chance increases. *This was always the case, but the chance is increased now*)
  • Adjusted Sarianne’s health so players can’t one-shot her lol
  • Buffed enemies and the bosses in Temple of Shadows slightly.
  • Adjusted the stats of most of the enemies and bosses.
  • Stimulating Slime (Kiva) now plays animation, Cleavage Sand (Purnima) now plays animation aswell.
  • Purnima receives a new power called Reflect at lvl 27. (Special block, counter attack)
  • Cleansing Water now removes Scorched, Mind Drain, Souldrain, Plague’d and Ectoplasm’d too.
  • Antidote removes Plague’d now too.
  • Fixed random typos.

Bug Fix:

  • Vhetae Witchy’s Special Attack will now appear in the gallery once you have witnessed it lol
  • BewbTek Shieldblaster can actually trigger the Kiva Anal Vibrator scene now lmffao (Removed Goliath Scene from this enemy)
  • Namu can no longer get stuck in North Mainio house, while triggering the lewd event

Save Included:

  • Slot 20 (Temple of Shadows completed)





  • the <esc> key and therefore opening the game menu is emulated with tapping with 2 fingers on the screen.
  • you can also toggle the textbox/choice list with a two-finger-tap.

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