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Passion Of Five v0.14.1

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Passion Of Five APK v0.14.1 Android Port Adult Game Download

Formally called Blank Space, the story is about a guy who need to start his life all over again.
while doing so he meets different characters and can do different stuff like a balloon tour or a walk in the park, visit the local church or a nice drink at the inn. there are several random quests and some scripted story-plotsTO AVOID FEMDOM :
Stop studying after the scene with the zipper

Need to cheat a bit since my laptop can’t handle rendering, sorry.


Release Date: 2019-07-28
Developer Lykarion – Discord
Censorship: None
Version: 0.14.1
OS: Windows/Linux – Mac
Language: English
Genre: Sim Date, Big Tits, Small Tits, 3dcg
Bonus Code: 24817



– Added: new location “University” [Study, Talk to Students (random but starts events)]
– Added: several events at the University (requires higher intelligence)
– Added: side event park + follow up event beach and… (University content)
– Added: side event shop + follow up event (University content)
– Added: 2 extra random events at the inn (will be available with higher intelligence) + random character images
– Added: new images for the event with Sylvia
– Chanced: simplyfied Vivienne’s apartment entrance if you own the key
– Fixed: Isabelle’s menu at the end of her current story
– Fixed: added missing Café labels (place-holder)



– Added: Amelie’s uni experience (Main Story)
– Added: Field Trip event (will be completed in the next update! – University content)
– Added: some text and another 2 events for Theresa (University content)
– Added: uni-replay scenes
– Added: weather sound effect to sylvia’s event
– Replaced: map image
– Changed: if the last study session ends at night you automaticly leave the uni
– Chanced: simplified Apartment Menus
– Chanced: Voyeur takes only 5 coins now
– Chanced: random images will be displayed as soon as you talk to Evelynn
– Changed: 2 random images while studying, old one removed
– Changed: Church mass drastically shortened
– Chanced: Random apartment events end at night
– Chanced: removed the cheat from Isabelle’s donation event and changed the event itself
– Fixed: Amelies image will now be removed if you leave her at the beach and revisit it
– Fixed: Evelynn can receive now Jewelry and Flowers in her apartment
– Fixed: Uni-Shop event wont be longer available on weekends
– Fixed: uni is closed at saturday night
– Fixed: problem with one of Isabelle’s image (could create crashes)
– Fixed: a bug that let you use the library without paying
– removed some (old) code, textfixes



– Added: Field Trip end
– Added: 6 new Voyeur images
– Added: House is now implemented. (WIP!)
– Added: telephone numbers for Fleur, Vivienne, Evelynn and Jane (WIP!)
– Added: new menu in Fleur’s apartment after buying the house (and enough sympathy)
– Chanced: improved day night cycle
– Chanced: after a morning drink your back on the map
– Chanced: Sylvia’s event needs a minimum of 12 coins to start
– Replaced: Jane images
– Fixed: Cathy and Carolin had the same name variable
– minor code changes, removed some (old) code, textfixes
– I changed,fixed and added some more stuff but forgot to write it down


– Added: small Events for Isabelle + Casandra – new infos
– Added: Headless Story (House – Laptop)
– Added: Route to avoid femdom (university)
– Added: 3 Bonus images (just some old images)
– Chanced: description in Casandra’s fortune for Amelie. It’s now: “Study at the university”
– Fixed: Isabelle receives now relationship points if you give her presents
– textfixes/changes


– Added: Cafe is now open in the afternoon and Sylvia is back (after Amelie’s story or if you progress to far with Serena)
– Added: Event (Viviennes atonement)
– Added: small Event for Evelynn (can be triggered at morning in the inn at any point of the story)
– Added: new text to Amelie (after her storyline)
– Added: image to Vivenne’s apartment
– Chanced: reduced house price (from $5000 to $4000)
– Chanced: reduced item prices (example Jewelry from $120 to $90)
– Chanced: studying gives activity points (will trigger more cash event’s in the inn)
– Changed: Balloon Tour no longer available on Sunday evening + old images + afterwards mc is back on the map
– Fixed: image problem in Vivenne’s park event
– Fixed: Vivienne’s image won’t show up after talking to her in her apartment
– textfixes


– Added: 2 uni events
– Added: small event at the beach (after amelie’s story)
– Added: Background char to Vivienne’s random event
– Added: Vivienne’s random activity if you live with her
– Added: random chars in Café, Inn, Church, Park, Busstop, Shop
– Chanced: Cafe text on monday
– Chanced: one of Isabelle’s events and lost dog can be triggered sooner
– Fixed: missing image in Jane’s event
– Fixed: missing image in one of Fleur’s events
– Fixed: Placement of an image (Evelynn)
– Fixed: Evelynn’s, Fleur’s, Isabelle’s and Vivenne’s Fortune
– Fixed: Burgler event
– Fixed: aplied lots of minor code fixes
– textfixes/changes


– Added: Event (Isabelle) + Casandra – new info
– Added: P-O-F Coins (collectable)- changed the whole fountain code! (ongoing)
– Added: Event at night (extendet version for patreons)
– Added: 2 exclusive patreon events (university)
– Chanced: Evelynn’s storyline!
– 1 rewritten event
– 2 old events
– 1 new event
– and combined them with the events at work
– Chanced: Hints for Evelynn’s Storyline
(Evelynn tells her past in the cafe (3 parts)/no hints for this!)
– Chanced: Inn work / +2 new events (extra money)
– Chanced: Sleeping in the park will trigger less!
– Chanced: Customer checkout: You can choose between 3 answers
– Fixed: Soundbug Fleur’s doorbell
– minor code changes


– fixed: potential plot-stopper (Amelie)


– Added: some text
– Added: Memory game to the laptop
– Added: TV plays a slideshow
– Chanced: in Isabelle’s “Donation Event”, Amelie will act differently if she hates you
– Chanced: Cafe overhaul (new images and code changes)
– Chanced: Vivienne’s random activities follows now a predefined timetable
– Chanced: Adjusted random park code
– Changed: Serena:

  • added: 3 new images
  • changed: gift menu will be hidden if the relationship is at max
  • changed: some text passages
  • fixed: places where text and pictures did not match

– Changed: House – Fleur on couch images (Required for future updates)
– Changed: after Amelie’s story Sylvia WON’T appear if you haven’t unlocked her in the night scene!
– code and text changes

– Chanced: House

  • added: Shop (currently only 1 buyable item)
  • added: New images (Fleur Toilett, Fleur and MC taking a shower…)
  • chanced: Fleur can receive gifts in the house
  • chanced: Fleur wears different clothes depending on relationship level

– Changed: Cafe

  • chanced: Sylvia got some new text
  • fixed: some problems with the cafe

– Chanced: If you win the memory game with a remaining time of more than 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds you will receive a prize money.
– minor code changes
– textfixes/changes


– Added: Vivienne movie
– Added: Fleur dildo movie
– Added/Chanced: Fleur’s intro got new pictures
– Added: alternative memory card images (unlocked after 3 wins)
– Added: in the afternoon you can work 1 or 2 shifts in the inn (thanks to Chill-E)
– Chanced: If you give too many gifts to Serena, it ends up Amelies route
– Chanced: Sylvia (can be activated after Amelies story or if you progressed in Serenas story or if Serena got enough gifts… WIP)
– Chanced: Serena images removed movie added
– Chanced: TV images removed – movie clips added
– Chanced: optimized Serena’s menus
– image fixes: Evelynn is the tallest woman in the game and Sylvia the shortest but in some images both had the same height
– code changes/fixes
– text changes



– Added: Fleur house spank option (clip)
– Changed: slightly changed teacher story progression (changed images and text)
– fixed: double images fleur (new/old clothes – couch)


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