Renryuu: Ascension v20.03.30

Posted January 20, 2022

Renryuu Ascension APK v20.03.30 Android Adult Game Download

Renryuu Ascension APK Android Adult Game Latest Version v20.03.30 Download - Renryuu: Ascension Android Port RPGM Adult Game Download

Renryuu: Ascension follows the story of Ryen, a half dragon-half human. After some sudden events Ryen becomes the King of his country and starts his dutys as the King in the castle while also traveling around when needed to take care of many problems inside and outside of the country.

Updated: 2020-03-31
Developer/PublisherNaughty Netherpunch – Blog
: No
Version: 20.03.30
OS: Windows, Mac, linux
Language: English
Genre: RPG, other sex, erotic adventure, oral, blowjob, big boobs, tits fuck, fantasy, monster girl, cream pie, cum in pussy


– A re-worked system for the warmap battles. Players might not see a difference, but this was done to prepare for more additions to the system.
– New events and CG scene with the girl at Norhall stronghold. When you already had her events of delivering a message and reported back to her, the continuation of the events start when going back to the priest in the castle of Calterburry.
– New title screen. My plan is to change the characters and backgrounds shown in it every once in a while. It also features the release date more visible together with the new content.
The foxgirl on the left is just a teaser. She’ll get into the game later with a beautiful CG scene

This update took waaaay longer than planned, as the warmap is very time intensive. That’s why I didn’t add any of the new features yet and will add them slowly over time instead. Otherwise it would simply take too long.


– The main point of this update it to fix a bug that gave you ship tickets or gambling coins instead of teleport stones during events. Should you’ve missed a teleport stone due to this bug, you can get them at the book in your bedroom.
– I also added a new scene for the tigergirl Naevy. It starts at your bedroom when you have the previous scene with her done and the recently added events with Mira and Maria also finished.


The valentines update is now available.
– After the events with Mira and Maria on the faraway island, you can talk with the foxgirl Naomi in the casino of Newkungu to start a new event.
– You’ll have the choice in that event to make the new character your toy or let her work as a maid. On the evil path you can enjoy her CG scene in the dungeon, while on her good path you can enjoy a new event together with Kayelinth. Her good path CG scene will follow in the next update.
The new character, her events and CG scene are all part of a Patreon pledge reward for the patron Macqo. Should you like her character and scene, make sure to thank him, because there is more to come with her.
– Updated the nude full body CG of Tsubaki with a new version. You can take a look at it at the CG replay screen if you already had her first scene.



  • New event with Mira after her previous events. Starts at the sleeping chamber by talking to her.
  • Additional new event with Mira at the temple island where she couldn’t fly over a cliff. Requires the other new events with her to be done before.
  • After defeating Hellhound in the advanced floor of the Spire of Courage, a note will appear on the Aldlyn city floor anouncing a new dungeon to be available in the Spire.
  • Added a new teleport stone in the first battle floor of the Spire of Courage to teleport to the different floors after you’ve had the events with Mekboss Mashgul in the easy floor.
  • The new teleport stone in the first room will turn green and bring you to the new challenge area after you read the note mentioned before.
  • There are currently three maps added for the new challenge area, but that content isn’t finished yet. New floors and enemies will get added over time. The crystals you can get there also have no use yet.
  • Wendy asks you to meet her at the Inn in the new dungeon. The meeting there isn’t done, it’ll get added in the next update.
  • You can now enter the battle areas of the Spire of Courage with all party members.
  • Maid Louise will now move away from your bedroom to the treasury after a certain trigger is activated.


– Changed the fullbody CG for the ghostgirl Shey
– You can now take the ship from Havaria port to the island resort Amaranthe (you need 1 ticket per party member)
– On Amaranthe you can rent a private beach if you have the royal crown and 150,000 gold.
– The beach on Amaranthe is another area where your group splits to allow to talk with group members privately.
– Event with Elly requires that you had her second scene (titfuck).
– Event with Mira, Vampire and Tsubaki requires that you have the event with Tsubaki at the beach first and then re-enter the map.
– Event with Sandra in the dressing room.
– Event with Mirel and Ryoko when you have both in your group.
– Bikini CG with Kayelinth on the Amaranthe beach. If your relationship is high enough you can ask her to take off a part or undress completely.
– The good path CG scene with Miyako is finally done!!!
– If you had the scene with Hellhound in a maid uniform you can go back to the cave where she lives with Leneth for a new scene with her.
– I changed the structure of choices for main characters on the CG room screen to put it all in the catergories of “Pre-sex scenes”, “Sex scenes”, “Full body CGs” and “Bonus scenes” to make the overview better compared to the “No .1” “No. 2″….
– Fixed the construction of the second mine on the overview map.



– The size of the sleeping chambers was increased. I added four rooms at the bottom of the map (which don*t have any new events in them yet).
– You can now find the woman Pharah in Lalizan in Dorgania. She will teach you about teleportation through stone plates which unlocks a new system. You can use the plates to teleport between all plates that you have interacted with after this new dialog. The locations with working plates are:
~ In Dorgania: Lalizan, Kagabangui, Lualombo and Orchel
~ In Central: Aldlyn (stone plate is new on the map on the right side near the main road), Havaria Port, Parverhill, Red Keep, Calbridge Stronghold and the Singing Mountains.
~ In Amagal: Manastyr In Begus: Diminus Castle, Spire of Courage and Calterburry
~ Bonus: Amaranthe
I turned some stone plates, like on top of the castle of Aldlyn, to broken stone plates as they were just for decoration and not intended for this use. Please let me know if I forgot any stone plates somewhere.
– The events about Amagal continue! Next step starts with a dialog with Chiyo in Aldlyn after her previous events are done, the main story is finished to the point where Varea is in your castle, and you freed King Merius of Amagal (the guy that is now standing at the broken fort in Amagal)
– New CG scene with Chiyo. Enjoy~


– 5 new elves in Orchel including full body CGs.
– New event with Jaylin at the beach of Amaranthe. Requires that Jaylin is at your treasury after finishing her previous events. The dialog changes slightly depending on whether Kayelinth is wearing clothes on the beach or not (which you can change by talking to her on the beach). For those that forgot about her or haven’t met her yet, Jaylin is Kayelinth’ mother who you first meet at the jewelry in Thremten after you’re far enough with Kay’s events.
– New event with a white tigergirl starting in front of your castle in Aldlyn. Requires Mai’s events to be at their current end. Works on both the good and the bad path of Mai’s events, but only on her good path you’re getting to see all new content. The bad path will get more events in a future update.
Known issues:
– In the upload of the full version, the new shrine you construct during Dea’s events is not accessable on the worldmap. It’s fixed in the update files and for the new upload but there are no new events on the map anyway, so don’t worry about it too much. ^^”



11 new CG scenes for the following monstergirls:
Whisperwind farm – Grey Imp, Red Imp, Ice Alraune
Monsterhall – Green Alraune, Anubis, Strong Mummy, Red, Pink and Black Salamander
Big Farm in Central – Big Harpy, Tall Spidergirl
[The only monstergirls without a scene yet are the weak mummy, raijuu, cowgirl and water lamia.]

Changed Kayelinth’ hunger/playlust system. She won’t get a debuff anymore and instead gets a buff when you used toys or vegetables to get the value low enough.
The buff stays for 50 steps.

New events with Chiyo starting at the sleeping chambers. It requires Chiyo to be level 25+ and that you have constructed the big farm in Central from the overview map. (The farm where you can release monstergirls)
The events will bring you to a new dungeon and unlock several new CGs.

Fixed the bug from the last update where Libelle’s event at the blacksmith would re-play whenever you entered the blacksmith again afterwards.


– New events with Dea on both the good and bad path. On the good route you can talk with her again after the scene to change her outfit.
The good path events start when talking to the head maiden at the shrine you build for her earlier (the start of Dea’s events) after you finished all previous events with Dea including going to the beach with Mai and Naevy.
The bad path requires that you talk with Mai in the prison once after healing Dea’s cursed eye. It won’t change Mai’s dialog but trigger a change in Dea’s event so you’ll get a new dialog when you talk with Dea again afterwards.

– Added a quest and scene for the sphinx Mozaik starting at the big farm. (Requires that you had Chiyo’s gold license test to have her there)


– The first raid is now available at the Spire of Courage challenge floor. It’ll introduce a few new enemies and features, and offers a lot of great items as reward if you can finish it. It’s “endgame content” that you can do before the time skip, so the battle is supposed to be very hard but gives you the best items you can currently find in the game.

– New events with Shanna and Naomi. It starts when you walk into the Newkungu casino after having the events with Shanna training people at Pumumu and when you had the scene with Mira and Mirel at the hot spring. The event will bring you to a new map that’s available now: The Seaside Tower in Dorgania. It has strong enemies that give a lot of experience and gold. After the events there talk with Shanna at Kagabangui to continue the quest.

– I increased the experience gained from most quests significantly and made a few changes to existing monsters.

– A new event with Aleah on her good path which starts at the sleeping chambers. Requires that you had her maid blowjob scene by talking to headmaid Ryia, that Mira is in your party, and that you’re at the point of getting into Dorgania in the main story line.

– New event with the half-dragon girl Libelle (bottom left at the sleeping chambers when you already have her). By selecting “talk” again in her choices you get the new event after the previous events about going to the blacksmith are done.


– Resources on the overview map are now color marked in dialog boxes.
– A Christmas elf has appeared in the castle in Aldlyn and is waiting for you to play with her
– Fixed a bunch of bug and corrected spelling mistakes, including some bugged constructions on the overview map.
– A second Christmas elf is at the Twin Ale Tower in Begus and needs your help to find some presents that she lost in Begus.
After helping the second elf you get to a screen where you can customize a girl, who will receive a sex scene around New Years Eve with all the details you picked. Out of curiosity I’d be happy if everyone could post their final result of what combination they liked the most.


– Akai got a new event. It’s a short scene that start when you talk with her at the workshop after having her first scene and when you were at the beach at Amaranthe before. (This requirement was taken away from Grime’s event with Akai. I originally wanted to combine them, but that would mean you only get the scene for Akai when Grime is on her good path, so I changed it.)
– Kurohime got new CGs for her first and third scene (both sex scenes). The second scene, the blowjob, has not been changed but due to the huge difference in art quality, I’ll probably replace it later as well. Her first scene got slightly adjusted to fit the CGs better.
– New CG for the earthspirit sex scene in the forest near Ebron. [The CG remakes can be seen at the CG room!]
– The cowgirl Maxine appears at the Whisperwind farm after you’ve captured and released at least 3 cowgirls. She only has a short dialog so far.
– The book next to your bed now has the option to reset Irinlia’s events (the Millwater murder case). The option for a “good path” was added to the end of these events, which happens when you give her to the soldiers rather than throwing her into your dungeon to rape her. Currently this only brings her to the Ironholm prison, but I want to add more “good path” events for her later. Also, Tsubaki’s wound during the event with Irinlia isn’t permanent anymore. Instead it’s a debuff that reduces her max health until you removed it, for example by sleeping.
– The player now has the option not to rape Moriko during the chase of a criminal with her. (There is no reset for her events, as they don’t change the outcome). The choice, whether to rape her or not, at the end of the chase now determines whether you leave her on the good or bad path. It’s not possible to rape her anymore after making the choice to let her be.
– The CG scene for the custom girl of last years Christmas special is now done! Enjoy having fun with the girl of your dreams~
– I made a new system to save the party formation whenever the party is split, for example at the bathhouse. I had to manually apply it everywhere, so hopefully I haven’t forgotten any places.
– I added a kiss during the dialog with Sandra before her first time events.
– Fixed some bugs, including problems with the butcher and research on the overview map.
– Fixed spelling mistakes.


The main purpose of this update is to fix bugs during the events with Naevy and Moriko. If your party disappeared after the events with Naevy, you can enter and leave the bathhouse to reset your party back to normal.

As little extra, I also added the CG scene for the weak mummy girl.


– If your quest with Sandra for Bob didn’t finish due to a bug in the last update, talking with Sandra will mark the quest as done now.

– Removed the Christmas elves, but you can replay all Christmas scenes at the note in the sleeping chamber.

– The CG scene for the weak mummy was added to the CG room.

– Added a reset option for Lace to bring her back to the start of the secret prison events. From there you now have the option of her good path. There are no CG scenes for her good path yet, nor does she get out of the prison yet.

– New event with Hellhound. It starts in the volcano in Amagal where you find orangium for Vampire, when you have Hellhound’s and Vampire’s events advanced far enough.


– New event line with Mirel. It starts at the sleeping chambers and requires the previous events and Mirel at level 25 or higher.
– Changed the special arrow item. Instead of being used as requirement for certain skills, it can now be used in battle to give Mirel a temporary crit chance bonus.
– The hellhounds Luoyang and Yimu have solo CG scenes now. You need to get the relationship with them up to 100 by bringing them items from the hellhound dungeon in order to unlock the scenes.
– Fixed a bug with a CG of Lace, which refused to disappear after the scene was done..





  • one press to move and interact
  • one long press to speed up
  • two press to open/close menu and cancel



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