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Research Into Affection v0.5.0

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Research Into Affection APK v0.5.0 Android Port Adult Game Download

You always wanted to get into game development, however, all the big companies wanted you to have several years of experience under your belt before they’d even consider hiring you. You came across a website called Patreon and realized there was a big niche for erotic games. You decide to try your hand at making one of these erotic games but to make the game more realistic you plan to corrupt the people closes to you in order to put your own experiences into the game.​


Release Date: 2019/05/30
Developer: Boomatica Patreon | Discord
Censorship: None
Version: 0.5.0
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Corruption, Incest, Male protagonist, Milf, Voyeurism



1. The game has been ported over to Ren’py.
2. Hover state images have been implemented.
3. The cheat menu is now in the players bedroom “the plant pot”
4. Additional cheats have been added.
5. “The return cheat” is for those that want to instantly progress up until the last build.
6. Tool tips have been implemented when hovering over an room, object or button.
7. Check marks have been implemented to see dialog/events.
8. Check marks will disappear if there is something new to see during an event.
9. Credits bar has been updated : (Thorsten Lich, Duane Porter, S M Farmer, Tschela) added.
10. NPC names have been set to 3 character limit.
11. NPC names now have a “Hint”, you should know why.
12. Some dialog / punctuation has been fixed.
13. Level 3 – Level 4 main event has been implemented. (32+ Images)
14. Spy cam screen + increase 1 hour button has been added.
15. The game has been ported to Android “should work on most devices”
16. Bigger menu option has been added to the android version for smaller devices.
17. Main Menu music has been added (Thanks to Outside998)
18. 80% of images have been changed to .jpg to reduce file-size without loosing quality.
19. Animations now run a lot smoother with-out freezing
20. Many more changes, but we may have forgotten to keep track… woops.



Regarding the Weekend events :

We’re currently re-building the weekend events and how they’ll play-out in game.
They’re going to be more interactive and expand over 4-6 hour slots.
Due to this the level 3 and level 4 weekend events are not implemented in this build as we’re in the process of re-creating the level 1-2 weekend events, along with the level 3-4.

General :
– Knock “Animation Text” added.
– Night bedroom stills updated.
– Pool Choice boxes moved.
– Dialog fixes made to 0.4.3 development build.
– Credits bar updated “14 more names”
Hourly Events :
M – Sunbathing (63 Images) (4 “Fake” Animations) (New Dialog)
S – Swimming (32 Images) (New Dialog)
M – Pool (36 Images) (3 Animations) (New Dialog)
S – Sunbathing (34 Images) (1 Animation) (New Dialog)
M – Cooking
– [Approach] (6 Images) (New Dialog)
– [Sneak Up] (4 Images) (New Dialog)
– [Take Picture] (4 Images) (New Dialog)
– [Leave]

S – Studying
– [Knock] (24 Images)
– [Peep] (6 Images) (1 Animation) (New Dialog)
– [Open] (5 Images) (1 Animation) (New Dialog)
– [Leave]
M&S – Dinner
– [Join] (No Changes)
– [Drop Phone] (6 Images) (New Dialog)
– [Level up (4-5) Event] “This will come in future builds”
M – Bathing
– [Knock] (17 Images) (New Dialog)
– [Peep] (No Changes)
– [Open] (No Changes)
– [Leave]

S – Washing up
– [Help] (No Changes)
– [Scare] (15 Images) (New Dialog)
– [Take Picture] (No Changes)
– [Leave]
M – Watching TV
– [Join] (20 New Images) (New Dialog)
– [Leave]

S – Bathing
– [Knock] (No Changes)
– [Peep] (1 Animation)
– [Open] (No Changes)
– [Leave]
M – Using Computer
– [Knock] (33 Images) (3 “Fake” Animations) (New Dialog)
– [Peep] (No Changes)
– [Open] (2 Images) (New Dialog)
– [Leave]

S – Watching TV
– [Join] (44 Images) (New Dialog)
– [Leave]
M – Napping
– [Knock] (New Dialog)
– [Peep] (1 Image) (New Dialog)
– [Open] (34 Images) (New Dialog)
– [Leave]

S – Mr.Bun
– [Knock] (New Dialog)
– [Peep] (1 Image) (1 Animation) (New Dialog)
– [Open] (4 Images) (1 Animation) (New Dialog)
– [Leave]
M – Alone Time
– [Knock] (New Dialog)
– [Peep] (1 Image) (1 Animation) (New Dialog)
– [Open] (14 Images) (New Dialog)
– [Leave]

S – Alone Time
– [Knock] (18 Images) (New Dialog)
– [Peep] (3 Images) (1 Animation) (New Dialog)
– [Open] (4 Images) (New Dialog)
– [Leave]
M – Sleeping
– [Peep] (1 Image) (New Dialog)
– [Open] (16 Images) (New Dialog)
– [Leave]

S – Sleeping
– [Peep] (1 Image) (New Dialog)
– [Open] (15 Images) (New Dialog)
– [Leave]
Text Messages (118 Images)
M – (14 Messages) (14 Images)
S – (14 Messages) (14 Images)
Room Items :
M’s room
– [Bed] (Dildo) (Updated) “Once found mag”
– [Bed] (Mag) (Moved) “Now found in S’s Room”
– [Wardrobe] (Anal Beads) (New Item) “Once found dildo”

S’s room
– [Bed] (Picture of MC) (New Item)
– [Draws] (Mag) (Updated) “Once found in M’s room”
– [Mr.Bun] (Updated) “To reflect 10PM event”
Spy-Cams :
– (24 images updated to reflect level 4 events)
– 5PM : S Bedroom (1 Animation)
– 5PM : S Computer (1 Animation)
– 7PM : Bathroom (1 Animation)
– 8PM : Bathroom (1 Animation)
– 10PM : S Bedroom (1 Animation)
– 11PM : M Bedroom (1 Animation)
– 11PM : S Bedroom (1 Animation)
Computers :
M – (Browser History Level 4) (1 Image) (New Dialog)
S – (Browser History Level 4) (1 Image) (New Dialog) “unlocks after S 5PM Event”
M – (Mipe-Convo) (Level 4) (Lilly) (22 Images) “Still working on levels 1-3
“Don’t worry, you won’t miss out, you’ll be able to go back and see them once they’re added”

Side Characters :
Zoe (Triggers : Monday at 11AM)
“You need 7 days to pass before it triggers from a new game or an old save”
Introduction Event 1 (39 Images) (New Dialog)
Introduction Event 2 (25 Images) (New Dialog)
Introduction Event 3 (34 Images) (New Dialog)
Introduction Event 4 (23 Images) (New Dialog)
Introduction Event 5 (21 Images) (1 Animation) (New Dialog)
Introduction Event 6 (30 Images) (New Dialog)
Introduction Event 7 (16 Images) (New Dialog)
Introduction Event 8 (20 Images) (New Dialog)
Introduction Event 9 (19 Images) (New Dialog)
Introduction Event 10 (41 Images) (New Dialog)
“This is the end of her content for this update”
Gallery : “in alpha stages”
– [Events] (Levels 1-4)
– [Spy Cams] (Levels 1-4)
– [Text Messages] (Levels 1-4)
– [Events] (Levels 1-4)
– [Spy Cams] (Levels 1-4)
– [Text Messages] (Levels 1-4)
Cheat Menu : “Plant pot in players bedroom”
– [Gallery levels 1-3 unlock]



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How to know my phone GPU?
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First, make sure you download gamecache and put the folder in Android/Obb


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- After download reach 1%, cancel the download.
- Reinstall the game.
- Enjoy.

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