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Posted August 17, 2021

Third Crisis APK v0.17.0 Android Adult Visual Novel Game Download

Third Crisis APK Android Adult Visual Novel Game Latest Version 0.17.0 Download - Third Crisis Android Port Visual Novel Adult Game Download For FREE

Third Crisis is an adult tactical-RPG that follows the adventurer and hero known as Vibe. After a mission gone wrong, she’s forced to adjust to her new way of life in the lust-ridden town of Carceburg. Whether she gives in to the bliss of submission or uses her sexual appeal to her advantage on the battlefield is all up to you!

As you delve deeper into Carceburg’s mysteries, you’ll come to uncover the secrets surrounding the crisis that saw humanity defeated and enslaved by the sinister organization Peitho.​



Release Date: 2019-11-04
Developer/Publisher: Anduo Games – Patreon | | Blog
Censorship: none
Version: v0.17.0
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, female protagonist, tactical rpg, Mind Control, Blowjob, Bukakke, Gangbang, Femdom, Blackmailing, BDSM, Domination



Changelog 0.7.6-r
– Added new CG set to the tentacle scene during the VR mission. The new CGs can be
viewed from the gallery if you have already completed the mission.
– Added new CG set to the two shower scenes, these can be viewed by unlocking the
shower or viewing from the gallery.
– Modified load and save menus to better support large amounts of saves.
– Modified the horizon sequence to heal the party after it’s complete.
– Modified Horizon intro dialogue to show Jenna’s character sprite properly.
– Modified combat to give a party character 1HP if they were defeated during the fight, but
the fight was won.
– Modified combat to heal all non-party characters after it’s completed, fixing some
possible edge cases where a character wouldn’t be healed from being defeated and
would need to be in a fight again.
– Modified Throb mission to add autosaves after every night.
– Modified save / load files to display the proper display name of a level instead of the
backend scene ID.
– Fixed issue where having a corrupt save in the save folder would crash the load / save
menus and cause Jenna to appear like a mannequin in the main menu.
– Fixed issue where the visual effects of equipment durability wouldn’t display properly
after loading a save.
– Fixed version checking to properly notify ingame when a patch release is available.
– Fixed issue where visual layers of equipment wouldn’t update properly (like the ‘open
top’ of the Vibrosuit).
– Fixed bug that causes the game to error out on the third prison scene.
– Fixed ability announcements drawing over the victory screen.
– Fixed a dialogue being completely skipped during the motel intro cutscene after waking
– Fixed error spam about animations during the prelewd.
– Fixed problem where the third prison scene doesn’t reset whether it should play after
completing it (causing it to play when entering the prison to bug it or after the patrol
– Fixed issue where the prelewd CG wasn’t filling the screen properly.
– Fixed issue where combat music would keep playing after completing a fight.
– Fixed issue where camera wouldn’t reattach to Jenna properly in some cases after a
– Fixed issue where Jewel was halfway stuck into the ground during the cutscene that
plays after winning the first fight in Horizon.
– Fixed ‘A Commanding Presence’ tasks not completing after the corresponding missions
were completed.
– Fixed Throb patrol combat ending as if you lost even when you won.
– Fixed combat UI showing the last selected character on startup even if the character
isn’t part of the current combat.
– Fixed Throb patrol night 2 to properly show the girl on camera during the cutscene.


Changelog 0.8.0
– Added new main story sequence involving the mysterious Peitho commander known as
Wildfire that includes a new h-scene and CG set.
– Added new CG set for Jewel’s foursome in the storehouse.
– Added Waitress Uniform, but it doesn’t have the related bar sequence implemented yet.
– Modified the ability to join in with Jewel in the storehouse for story pacing reasons.
– Modified many levels to improve FPS performance and make loading take half as long
as it used to.
– Fixed multiple issues surrounding the combat UI


– Added the option to repair your equipment in the weapons room of the Fiend Hub by
talking to the fiend standing there.
– Modified dye menu to let you know if a piece of clothing does not have any recolorable
– Modified Save.SaveGame to force a save regardless of whether or not the player can
save normally (useful for a workaround if normal saving is restrained).
– Modified how expressions are displayed so that new expressions can be created by
simply mixing the mouth from one expression with the eyes of another expression
(Jenna’s possible expressions went from about 14 to 196).
– Modified how characters are displayed when they’re put in the dialogue textbox, making
us able to center them properly so they don’t get cut off.
– Modified import settings of bartending images, hopefully solving the issue with some
Android phones not being able to display them.
– Fixed problem where Martin would always ask you for 50fB everything you tried to do
– Fixed problem with bartending order not fitting inside the notepad properly.
– Fixed problem where Jewel’s cum layer wasn’t fitting her properly.
– Fixed problem where missions would duplicate if a task had completion set on a mission
that is already complete.
– Fixed problem where mental-type limb effects wouldn’t clear after a fight, and would
persist into the next fight (Brainwash, Tentacle Snare).
– Fixed problem where a few interactables were in the wrong spot in the
DestroyedStronghold level.
– Fixed multiple problems around the fight club that would softlock the game.
– Fixed problem where you could get locked outside of the combat area during curfew in
– Fixed problem where Tentacle Snare wouldn’t function properly and softlock the game
when either Jenna or a Rat Flogger used it.
– Fixed problem where the tentacles wouldn’t animate when using the Tentacle Flogger
on yourself.


– Added new main story content that includes combat, lots of new h-scenes, and a new
CG set that features the full nelson position.
– Added the night-time sequences for the bartending side content, including lots of
animated CGs and a new groping CG.
– Modified grass to be more optimized.
– Fixed issue where Jewel could defeat herself with Seductive Healing, and then still be
able to finish her turn while defeated.
– Fixed issue that would cause a character to become invulnerable to damage if they were
covered in cum.
– Fixed issue where the pause menu wasn’t available in the gallery.



Changelog here


Content Guide
(Main Story) Sublevel Two
Progress through the main story normally.
New Bar Waitress Scenes
Work in the bar at night until you reach the new scenes.
Replacement CGs
Use the gallery to find and watch the new CGs.
Known Issues
1. Entering a Nudity Zone (like Jenna’s room, or the changing booth in the Gear
Shop), taking your badge off, leaving the Nudity Zone, and trying to exit the
building will cause you to be unable to leave the building until you put the badge
back on.
Workaround: Just put your badge back on to be able to leave the building.
– Added ’Sublevel Two’ main story sequence that includes new CGs, new enemies, new
h-scenes, a bad-end, and more story.
– Added new CG set to replace the old Jenna x Karen CG set.
– Added new fully animated CG to the prelewd intro scene.
– Added new CG, dialogues, and character sprites for Jenna’s wet vibrosuit during the
coffee-making sequence in the prologue.
– Added new CG for the daydreaming spit roast that appears during the prologue in the
– Added another night to the bar waitressing storyline.
– Added lewd pictures to the stronghold in the prologue.
– Added dialogue sprite for Karen.
– Added dialogue sprite for new Florian enemy.
– Added ‘Restless Encouragement’ character ability to Jenna that resets the last used
ability of the target and gives them one energy.
– Added new exterior environment tileset to replace the old one.
– Added ‘Enemy Turn’ UI that shows the character sprite of the currently acting enemy.
– Added character sprites to ability announcements to show which character is using the
ability or effect.
– Added ‘Ultra’ option to grass detail option in menu that makes the vines in sublevel 2
animate if selected, this is an FPS chugger so use at your own discretion.
– Modified the loading screen to have it animate a lot better.
– Modified how the combat UI is displayed to make it flow better with other UI.
– Fixed lighting and collision issues in motel upper floor.
– Fixed multiple issues with how layered images (like characters and CGs) are rendered.
– Fixed townhall moan sfx not playing properly


Changelog here







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