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Wizards Adventures v0.7.0

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Wizards Adventures APK v0.7.0 Android Adult Game Download

The game immerses you in the atmosphere of the magical world. You play the role of the young magician Merlin. He was born in an ancient and influential family, whose members have always been members of the Council of Mages.
But due to the fact that he was given too much from birth, he ceased to try and develop himself, ceases to perform the tasks of the council and leads a riotous lifestyle. But it could not last forever. He was found by one of the council members and convinced to take the right path. Perhaps Merlin will begin to correct, but the craving for women and adventures has not disappeared anywhere.​


Release Date: 2019-06-07
Developer: AdmiralPanda – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Sex, Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, monster, tits, fantasy


– New characters
– New locations
– New quest
– New x-scenes


– Small part with Patricia (Which was only available for Patrons)
– Bug fix
– Quest tracking system
– Cheats (For those who are too lazy to farm)
– Mobile bug fixes


– Bug fix


– Opened content that was available to paid subscribers. Continuing with Gloria.
– Redid most of the sex scenes in the game. Added a little animation and more talk to them.
– Changed the system of reading books, too long and tedious they have been studied before.
– I removed the mood system of the characters, it only increased the already long duration of the game.
– Redid the gallery, added full scenes instead of ordinary pictures.
– Redid the menu of characteristics so that it is more simple and understandable. Removed extra skills.
– Fixed errors and inaccuracies during the game. He corrected the places where people often got stuck.
– Increased the amount of starting gold.
– Made a separate location for Disar. I removed the game mechanics with the need to wait for the goods. Now you just buy it.
– Added pictures when receiving items to make it more clear.


Bug fix:
– Quest. Disar shop. For those who start the game with the save.
– Gloria and mood. There was an error in one of the tasks that prevented the game from passing.

– Continuation of the story with Sylvia
– Continuation of the story with Patricia
– Continuation of the story with Amelia and Mifi
– 3 new characters
– Error correction


– Error correction


Old save does not work.
Good evening dear subscribers and just visitors to this page. I released an intermediate update in the game to fix some of the improvements, as well as to prepare users for the upcoming update 0.7. Old saves will not work in game versions 0.6.5 or higher. Why did this happen you ask. Answer your question. I globally reworked many moments of the game.
1. I am tired of using gold and its mining as such. Now I introduce a new system with crystals, while in test mode you have enough to complete all the tasks. But in the next update I will add these crystals just to different locations of the game, it will be such a mini-game in exchange for abandoning the economic relations in the game.
2. I completely redid the task log, since it was too cumbersome. As his alternative, I made another one that displays only the current task for each character, you can find it in the form of a sphere on the table in your room.
3. I passed a lot of tasks and logical chains where people often get stuck. Moved characters to other locations.
4. I completely removed the Academy. Since there were some things that were weakly connected with magic, instead, Amelia is completely different story, while it is available in the test version.
In general, much has been done to improve the gameplay. Enjoy the game, and I will finish version 0.7
Save from version 0.6.5 work.
This update introduced a new character into the game and a storyline with it. I think that I managed to fully touch this tag as “Furry”. I hope a new character will give you many positive emotions. Among the not so significant updates can be identified:
– Added Disar, Pit, goblins to mine from mine
– Added a more detailed description to the ball to the main task
– Corrected errors in the gallery when it was blocked
– Small remaster sex scenes with Amelia, Gloria
– Added button to go to the ball of tasks in the main interface
– Placed crystals in locations (this is a new “currency” in the game)
– From any location you can now go to the main map
A lot of minor changes and edits were also made. It seems to me that there is no sense to describe them, some things can only be felt in the course of the game. I would also like to once again draw your attention to the fact that the voting is taking place and not many votes have been left until its end. You can decide what will be the update 0.9 (If, of course, by that time the necessary number of votes will be gained). Thank you all for the feedback on the game, you help me to make the game even better. Probably worth mentioning separately that the save from version 0.6.5 and above all work fine, continue to play.
To start content with a new character you need to open the door to the ruins and then you will be able to meet her in the evening in the tavern.

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After Extract or Decompressed the file, Copy the folder that start in com. and paste to Android/OBB folder or Android/Data. you can see in Download orange button above where to put the cache file

You can now Install the apk and open it.

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How to solve "you not purchased this app"?
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First, make sure you download gamecache and put the folder in Android/Obb


Follow this step to fix
- Uninstall modded games which you download from here.
- Go to google play and search the game.
- Download original games from playstore.
- After download reach 1%, cancel the download.
- Reinstall the game.
- Enjoy.

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